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How Trade Coffee Helped Jason Connect with His Teammates During the Pandemic

For Jason, a marketing manager at a tech company, the pandemic brought about a lot of changes in his work life. Like many others, he was forced to adjust to a new work-from-home routine, which meant saying goodbye to his daily commute and hello to a lot more virtual meetings. While he appreciated the flexibility that working from home offered, he couldn’t help feeling a bit disconnected from his coworkers.

That’s where Trade Coffee came in.

When Jason’s company signed up for Trade Coffee’s Coffee for Teams service, he was a little skeptical at first. He had always been a bit of a coffee snob and enjoyed making his own pour-over coffee in the morning. But with the pandemic making it difficult to venture out to his favorite coffee shops, he decided to give Trade Coffee a try.

From the moment the first bag of coffee arrived at his doorstep, Jason was hooked. The coffee was delicious, expertly roasted by some of the best roasters in the country. But what really surprised him was how much it brought his team together.

Every month, Trade Coffee would deliver a new selection of coffee blends to his home, tailored to the unique taste preferences of each member of his team. They even included brewing tips and tasting notes so that everyone could learn more about the coffee they were drinking.

What started as a small perk soon turned into a way for Jason and his team to bond. They would talk about the different coffees they were drinking during their daily virtual meetings, sharing brewing tips and stories about their own coffee experiences. Even though they were physically separated, they were able to connect over their shared love of good coffee.

It wasn’t just about the coffee – it was about the sense of community that it fostered. It was a small reminder that even in the toughest of times, the little things – like a freshly brewed cup of coffee – can make all the difference.