Boxed Water- #BetterBusiness Campaign

The content on this page is my original work and is not affiliated with any brand. It is solely created for my graduate school assignment.

Brand Positioning

  • To: environmentally conscious consumers
  • Boxed Water is: a sustainable alternative to traditional bottled water
  • That: helps to minimize the personal impact on the planet through a new way to ship,
    sell and enjoy water
  • Because: it offers a sustainable lifestyle experience to worldwide consumers so that
    they can continue to access daily human necessities while positively helping to
    preserve the plant’s valuable resources for future generations.

Communication Objectives

  • Increase B2B sales and bulk buying of the products.
  • Increase brand affinity by 30% by December 2023 among corporate customers and event organizers.
  • Amplify Boxed Water’s business needs to expand B2B sales and propel new growth opportunities in 2023, in addition to its retail presence directly facing consumers.
  • Increase the public’s understanding of the renewable water category by 20% by March 2023.

I conducted thorough research and analysis when creating a campaign for Boxed Water is Better as part of “IMPACT PR” (mock agency). The campaign was called #BetterBusiness. The campaign focuses on B2B sales and bulk buying of the products.

This involved understanding the company’s background, conducting a SWOT analysis, and utilizing the PESO media coverage model. Additionally, I designed a comprehensive 12-month B2B campaign with paid, earned, owned, and shared activities planned for every month.

The campaign was strategically planned to ensure critical milestones for each quarter, generating constant brand visibility throughout 2023. By utilizing a combination of tactics such as targeted digital advertising, engaging social media content, well-crafted press releases, and a survey to gain consumer insights, I aimed to generate buzz and excitement around Boxed Water is Better’s commitment to sustainability, resulting in increased brand awareness and engagement.

Campaign Presentation